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2022-2023 Programs and Schedule

Strength & Conditioning Programs

School of Football “Maximize Potential. Train Hard, Train Smart.”

Description: School of Football is specially designed to be a holistic approach to athletic development focused on five general areas of physical, mental, character / mindset, technical and tactical football skill development. Combining on-field sessions with The Dome’s Strength, Speed and Conditioning programs, athletes can expect to see increases in game IQ, positional knowledge, exposure to competition, as well as athletic physical development.  Parents can expect to see character and mindset development in their child as they progress through our program.  Please note: Additional Strength and Conditioning is HIGHLY recommended to enroll in by our coaching staff.



2023 SoF Combine Results

Please arrive 15 min prior to session start. 

Dates and Times:  

Strength and Conditioning: Starts the week of Feb 27th 

Bantam School Of Football S&C (Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm)

  • Lucas A 
  • Matthew A 
  • Nathan A
  • Kadin D 
  • Weston K 
  • Ethan K 
  • Quintin M 
  • Carter S 
  • Tyson V 
  • Aimee T 
  • Brennan M 

Bantam School Of Football S&C (Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm) 

  • Reid F 
  • Dominic F 
  • Brooks F 
  • Burton G 
  • James G 
  • Jake H 
  • Phillip H 
  • Kalen K
  • Ezra L 
  • Keanu M 
  • Jett M 
  • Logan M 
  • Nairn P 
  • Ethan P 
  • Cruz R
  • Easton T 
  • Slade U 
  • Kayson W 

Bantam School Of Football S&C (Thursday 4:30-5:30pm) 

  • Axel B 
  • Chloe B 
  • Alexander D 
  • Keiran D 
  • Brooke D 
  • Owen H 
  • Bryson M 
  • Kane P 
  • Quinlan S 
  • Levi S
  • Bantam School Of Football S&C (Friday 5:00-6:00pm) 
    • Talon A 
    • Kiva B 
    • Hudson B 
    • Tyzia B 
    • Asher B 
    • Dion B 
    • Wyatt B 
    • Julian C
    • Tresten E 
    • Charlie G 
    • Graydon H 
    • Elijah H 
    • Brody J 
    • David K 
    • Maddox K 
    • Logan M 
    • Rylan M 
    • Matthew M 
    • Nixon O 
    • Reid P 
    • Zev R 
    • Alex R 
    • Jarred R
    • Bode S 
    • Dominic S 
    • Ethan Z 
    • Rogan Z

      High School-School Of Football S&C (Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm) 

      • Trevor B 
      • Truce C
      • Jaxon 
      • Colton 
      • Cooper  
      • Liam  
      • Kadan  
      • Cale  
      • Kaiden  
      • Joe 
      • Quinn
      • Ben  
      • Brad  
      • Logan 
      • Jack  
      • Hudson  
      • Roman 
      • Fin  
      • Darian

        High School-School Of Football S&C (Friday 6:00-7:00pm) 

        • Avery A
        • Logan B
        • Cole B
        • Rhys B 
        • Mason C 
        • Lucas D
        • Carson F 
        • Tyler H
        • Charlie H 
        • Brayden H 
        • Caleb L
        • James M
        • Emilio N
        • Brooks N
        • Max N 
        • Wyatt N 
        • Isaac O
        • Kieran P
        • Raiden R 
        • Silas R 
        • Evette S
        • Rylan S 
        • Dominic S
        • Dustin S
        • Ivan T 
        • Deacon T
        • Jett W
        • Steel W 
        • Cameron Y 
        • Kayleb S
        • Taylen S
        • Tyler Z

On-Field Sundays:

February 26th – April 30th (Days off: April 9th)

Schedule and Age:

Atom / Peewee

Sundays On Field 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Players entering or returning to Atom and Peewee in the Fall


Sundays On Field 4:45pm – 6:15pm

Players entering or returning to Bantam in the Fall

High School:

Sundays On Field: 6:30pm –  8:00pm

Players entering or returning to High School in the Fall

Format: A 9 week Long-Term Athlete Development program that includes on-field drills and scrimmages.  Focusing on all 3 phases of the game, athletes will learn and develop offensive and defensive skills as well as a Special Teams skill set.  All athletes will also go through a Combine testing day where they will perform drills just like they would at the NFL Combine.  For Bantam and High School players, there will be one strength and conditioning sessions per week with The Dome strength coaches. Additional Strength and Conditioning can be added to your child’s development as desired as well as Mindset and Character Development classes taught by former professional hockey player and Olympian Noah Welch.

2023 Football Coaches: Tanner Green, Jarrett Burzuk, Kyle Liptak, Mark Fay, Junior Rivera, Steve Pelech, Skylar Sargeant, Axsivier Lawrence, Chris Harden, Pierre Konan, Dave Henderson, Dom Fudge, Jay Pike, Logan Oddie, Andrew Opdendries. 

What to Bring:
Please contact your local team for the following equipment (Helmet, Mouthguard, Shoulder Pads, Girdle with Lower Body Pads [Hip Pads, Thigh Pads and Tailbone Pad], Knee Pads, Practice Pants or Shorts), Cleats, Gloves, non-spill water bottle. For S&C sessions wear indoor sneakers and proper workout clothing. Multiple layers and a long sleeve shirt recommended. 

School of Football Cost:

Atom/Peewee- $220 + GST

Includes: Training Tee

Bantam/ High School – $355 + GST

Includes: One Strength and Conditioning session per week and a Training Tee 

If you would like additional Strength and Conditioning sessions call The Dome 403-986-0417 



PILLAR 3- Strength and Conditioning Sessions:

  • Team Training (5-9 individuals) – $25 / session
  • Team Training (10+ Individuals) – $15 / session
  • Private Training in High-Performance Center – $60 / session
  • Semi-Private Training in High-Performance Center (2-4 individuals) – $40 / session

PILLAR 4Mindset and Character Development Sessions:

  • Group/Team (5-9 individuals)- $25 / session
  • Group/Team (10+ individuals)- $15 / session
  • Small Group (2-4 individuals)- $40 / session
  • Private Session (1 on 1) – $60 / session

Call The Dome for more information or to sign up for the S&C and Mindset programs: 403-986-0417

The Dome Speed and Strength Program

Description– This program is for athletes looking to increase speed and power on the field, court, ice, or wherever it is needed. We will be increasing strength and power as well as teaching running mechanics and improving the athletes ability to move quickly and effectively in all directions. In this program we will be breaking down movement into 3 categories, Acceleration, multidirectional speed, and absolute speed. Half of our time will be devoted to improving speed and mechanics and the other half will be devoted to developing the strength and power needed to move effectively.

Level- Beginner- Intermediate

Duration- 90 min sessions

Frequency-  2X per week

Cost- $299.99 +gst 

Date/Time- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm from July 4th – August 10th 

Price includes– 12 hour and a half sessions, 2 body fat tests, nutrition presentation. 

What to bring– Athletes will need to bring athletic wear, spill proof water bottle, shoes, and cleats if possible. 

Structure: An 8 week flag football league for athletes to have fun, build relationships and develop core motor skills. Teams will be made up of 8-10 players. Gather your team and register together (see below). Individuals can register and teams will be found for them.

What to Bring

Cleats. water bottle, mouth guard, gloves. 

Age Groups

U14 (10-13) U18 (14-17)  

Linemen are encouraged to participate.


Friday Nights- January 14th until Mar 4th

  • Feb 18th no game. The makeup session will be on the following Monday Feb 21. 

Time Slots





Please note: Once all the teams are registered we will assign game times within the time slots above. 


$20/session = $160 per player

If you are unable to join in week one we will still accept athletes a few weeks in at a pro-rated cost. 

Dome Team Practices

Description: The purpose of this is to help with in season player and coach development. Our coaches will create a practice plan that suits your team and gives your coaches something to build upon throughout the season. A Dome coach will run your team and coaches through a practice at The Dome or on your home field. Our coach and your coaches will meet prior to the practice to go over the practice plan. To maximize results we recommend 3+ practices per team throughout the season. 9U-11U practice plans will focus more on technical tasks and a lot of reps. 13U to 18U practice plans will consist of technical and tactical drills to improve team performance and success. 

Level- A, AA, AAA

When: Year round

Ages: 11U, 13U, 15U, 18U 


1 Practice- $275 plus GST

3 pack- $265/practice plus GST

5 pack- $255/session plus GST

All sessions are 90 mins. Sessions can be used by different teams within the same organization.

Our coaches can come to you! Prices are the same plus gas mileage. When practices are run at The Dome all equipment is included in the cost. When we run practices at your facility please provide L Screens, balls, and other necessary equipment for the practice. 

Purchase practices in advance by clicking below or calling The Dome (403-986-0417). For more information and to schedule practices email 

Insurance: Dome waivers need to be signed by all players and coaches participating.

What to bring: Baseball gear and a non spill water bottle. 



Private Sessions

For athletes who want to unlock even more of their potential, you can book in with one of our positional coaches for private 1 on 1 sessions, Semi-Private and Small Group sessions that will focus on the fundamentals of the athlete's position to take their game to the next level. Private and Semi-Private sessions are 30 mins/session. Small Group (5-8 players) are 60 mins/session.
1 Player Semi-Private (2-4 players) Small Group (5-8 players)
1 session: $50 1 session: $40 / player $30/Player. All Small Group sessions are 60 mins and need to be booked as a group not individually. Call to book- 403-986-0417
5 sessions: $225 5 sessions: $180 / player
10 sessions: $400 10 sessions: $320 / player


Jarrett Burzuk

Head Coach (Interim) / Quarterbacks Coach

Tanner Green


Steve Pelech

Coach: Offensive Line

Kyle Liptak

Coach: Quarterbacks

Junior Rivera

Coach: Running Backs

Mark Fay

Coach: Defensive Backs

Skylar Sargeant

Coach: Running Backs

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