Mindset & Character

The mental aspect of sports is too often overlooked and ignored. So many athletes are fast, strong, skilled, but mentally weak. When adversity hits, they freeze and/or retreat, and miss out on performing the way they are capable of performing. The Dome is committed to training the complete athlete by focussing on 5 Pillars of development – Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, and Character/Lifestyle. This program is designed to equip players with the mental tools to perform better, repeat great performances, deal with mistakes/failure and success. This program will take place in the classroom and will be led by Noah Welch, a former All- American (Harvard University), 2nd round NHL draft pick (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Olympian (2018 S. Korea). This program is designed for teams and consists of 3 classroom sessions.

Level: Youth to Pro

Cost: $15/player/session + gst   

Register: To sign up call into The Dome 403-986-0417.

Schedule: Purchase 3 sessions for your team and email noah@thedomereddeer.com to schedule. 

What to bring: Pen and paper. 

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