Full Testimonial

I am writing to acknowledge The Dome Red Deer, Noah Welch, Jim Frederickson and the Dome team. There are no words that can truly explain the life-changing experience I have had through the Dome Red Deer. My story is one of major injuries growing up and throughout my adulthood. The most profound was a back surgery a few years back. A discectomy and laminectomy, to be specific. The pain was at a point where I could not hold or play with my children, do any physical activity without undergoing weeks of debilitating pain. After my surgery, I was better, but the doctors told me that I would never be 100% and that I would live with moderate pain. After two years of physiotherapy, my back was better, but I still could not get on the floor to play with my kids, no golfing, and very careful conscious light workouts at the gym. I am a 5-foot 11-inch male, and during all of this, I managed to get my weight to 240 lb. After being assessed by Jim Fredricson (VP of the Dome Red Deer), one of Canada’s top strength and condition coaches, he was able to assess my injuries and new injuries that have formed because of the old ones. Jim was able to determine and pinpoint the areas of my body that needed to be worked on to get me on the path to recovery. I will also point out that the two doctor recommended physio clinics also pinpointed some of the same areas Jim found. But did I mention that Jim found them in my first session, and the physio clinic was able to find them over six months. And to top it all off, they only found about half of my problem areas that needed to be worked on before I would see any real recovery. Let’s fast forward six months. I currently weigh in at 190 lbs, I have gone from a 42-inch waistline to a 32-inch waistline, and I am presently doing strength and conditioning workouts that the doctors said I would never do again. I am getting stronger and more athletic than ever, and the best part is that I can play with my kids and do the everyday activities that I took for granted before debilitating back pain. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Noah, Jim and the Dome Red Deer. There are no words to express my gratitude. Red Deer is extremely lucky to have the Dome and its staff.