A Letter From The President

“My team and I are so happy and thankful that The Dome is finally here. We exist to serve Central Alberta athletes and sport organizations, giving them the same opportunities that athletes and organizations in warmer climates receive. Something that is very important to us is affordability. Our group of local shareholders wanted to build a facility and provide coaching that would positively impact the lives of those who train with us, on and off the field. We want this $8.5 million privately funded, state of the art facility, to be accessible to all. What excites us the most is that we have come up with a business model that makes our facility and Elite Coaches accessible to anyone that wants to train with us. We try to keep all our in house Dome programs and Academies between $10-$25 / per hour per athlete, which again includes Elite coaching in a State of the Art Facility! We realize that we are in financially challenging times in Alberta right now. That is why we have programs like the “ENMAX Buddies” to help subsidize an already lowered cost for those who need more financial assistance. We will never turn away a child to train at The Dome due to financial reasons.

This is a bit of my story. At one point in time I was just a recreational athlete that loved playing all sports. I had big dreams when I was about 7-8 years old – To play in the NHL and to play in the Olympics. My mom worked 2-3 jobs and did all she could so that I could participate in sports. I’m so thankful for that. Along the way coaches and other parents helped so that my mom could afford to keep me in baseball and hockey. I also had access to great facilities and coaching growing up in Boston. I recently retired from a 13 year professional hockey career where I was able to fulfill both childhood dreams. My point of sharing this story is that when a love for a game is met with opportunity to play and receive exceptional coaching, special things can happen. We want our athletes to reach their max potential, whatever that may be. We really don’t know where sport will take you or your child, but we are excited to journey with you, and do all we can to help you, him, and her, accomplish goals and fulfill dreams.

Dream big kids! Have fun, work hard, listen to your coaches, and enjoy the journey! See you at The Dome.”

– Noah Welch

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